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Payment of Rates

Our payment scheme has been changed recently and more selling can be made at WPUSTA.

It is possible to earn up to 80% on every sale!

For more details please check the full payment rate scheme.

Starting the work

Read the following and follow. It will give you chance to make income!

If completed follow read, remember and follow.
  • Click “SELL ITEM” on the menu or “Post New Item” at the user dropdown menu.
  • Your information to be determined properly and correctly
  • In this stage you can upload pictures and files
  • Now select your category
  • At last click “Post Market Item”


Read some nice things said by our authors:
“I get my point by joining the WPUSTA” – Cevher


Q: Are there any useful things to show the authors how money is earned here?
A: Sure! A lot of useful articles are provided to help authors to earn.

Q: How do you paid authors?
A: Special information is provided concerning payment.

Q: Is there a referral program?
A: A: Sure, once you refer a new number, 30% of their first deposit is yours, and no matter they buy your file or other’s. For additional information see the link please. referral program.

Q: Is an author has right on his own file?
A: Sure, you are just offered a venue to sell your.

Q: Is it possible that my payment rate goes down?
A: It will never happen!

Q: Does smb. look through the files or will you accept anything?
A: Of course, each file is reviewed in order to be sure of the.

Q: Is exclusivity selling with WPUSTA specially paid?
A: Yes, exclusivity is taken into account. See the breakdown of rates.

Q: Could I sell one file here and sell a completely different one on my own site?
A: Yes, if the files are completely different, you could sell one here and one on your.

Q: Are any actions taken against copyrighting violations?
A: It is the responsibility of an author to make sure that s/he is not violating copyright when uploading.

Q: Who determines the price of my file?
A: All files are priced by WPUSTA and its staff.

Q: Should I support the files I uploaded?
A: It’s not required unless the file is actually.

Q: Are there file types that you already have plenty of that you no longer accept?
A: If a category is oversaturated, that just means the quality standards go up. You’ll have to give it a unique spin or make it much nicer looking for it to be approved.