Need help while buying? Read our Step by Step Guide for Purchasing.

  • Sign in or Register
  • Browse the site and decide which theme do you want to buy. Then you’ll see the BUY button as image below.
  • You’ll see 2 way for buying. First of is the PayPal method and second one is Balance. If you’ve enough money at your balance then you should buy with it however you can use PayPal method too. 
  • If you want to buy it via PayPal then after clicked to Buy Now button it’ll forward you to PayPal page.  You’ll paid money via PayPal and then you can download it from our site. If you want to buy it via Balance then you’ll see like that latest control before buying. (P.S: For using Balance method you must have enough money at your balance or you should add deposit to your account)
  • If you’ve paid for any theme then you’ll see download information box on the purchase area.
  • Also you can download it later from your Dashboard.

If you still have any question then you can contact with our Support Team.

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